Making an acoustic guitar bridge

Sometimes we come across a guitar that is very difficult to find original parts for.  This old Japanese acoustic guitar was one of them. The bridge was cracked well beyond repair and the customer wanted to Guitar to be playable once again.   The bridge on this guitar was such a distinct shape that we were unable to use any replacement bridge available. So we found a good piece of Rosewood and hand carved a new bridge. Since we did not have the original bridge to use as a template we had to use the bandsaw, the belt sander  and sandpaper to re-create the original shape. At this point we have drilled the holes for the string pegs  but if you notice the saddle slot has yet to be routed. Once the bridge is glued onto the guitar we will measure the scale length and route the saddle slot in the appropriate position. So far on this guitar we have replaced the maple bridge plate inside the guitar and we’re almost done replacing the bridge. Soon the guitar will be back together and playing great for our customer .

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