Ever since Boss rocked the industry with the first digital delay pedal back in 1983 (the DD-2), they have made a project out of iteratively improving digital delay one numbered compact pedal at a time. The Boss DD-7 Digital Delay is current sum of that knowledge, adding features that previous models did not include while keeping the same familiar enclosure.

Breaking It Down

The DD-7 has four delay time starting points – 50, 200, 800, and 3200 ms – each with the ability to extend that window the the delay time knob. It also has a Hold mode in which you can record up to 40 seconds of music and have it repeat indefinitely, like a looper. Beyond this, the DD-7 also offers up three other delay modes (two of them new): a modulated, chorus-like delay, a reverse setting and an emulation of the analog DM-2 Delay pedal. Leading out of the pedal, you can use it as a stereo splitter and connect an expression pedal to control delay time or a tap tempo footswitch. This incredible versatility from a basic Boss pedal makes it a powerful tool for the gigging musician.