The Eden WTX-260 Sub-Compact Bass Amp is the perfect bass head for players who need a full featured amp that is small enough to fit in the pocket of the average gig bag.  The amplifier automatically senses and adjusts itself to local voltage. The preamp section of the WTX-260 is based on the Golden Ear chip for amazing warmth and musicality. This is the same chip used in ultra high end recording consoles. The 260 features 3 band EQ with dynamic bass boost and a mid-shift, a studio quality DI, stereo aux inputs, tuner and headphone outs, two 1/4″ outs and a speaker out. Powered by a unique Analog Switching Amplifier that delivers 260W to 300W RMS (>500W peak, @ 4Ω w/ +3dB headroom), depending on local voltage conditions, the WTX-260 has an impressive list of features including Eden’s proprietary enhance control and switchable automatic compression. All this and more in a compact 8″ x 2.5″ x 9″ package that weighs lass than 4 lbs.