Bass Guitar Lessons in Philadelphia, PA

If you’ve got heart, soul, rhythm, passion and funk running through your veins, then the bass guitar is the perfect instrument for you! The bass guitar is an essential piece to any band as it provides the punch, drive, rhythm and groove in almost all musical genres. Working alongside the drummer, the bass player is other member of the band’s rhythm section and is a vital part of the song’s foundation.

If you’ve already established that the bass guitar is your instrument of choice, it gives our teachers a good understanding of the musical genre you feel comfortable and passionate playing. Even so, before we dive into notes and chords, we’ll want to assess the student and get a good idea of where we’re starting out. Our 1-on-1 teacher assessment is used to build the curriculum, while focusing on the student’s musical interests and goals.

Our professional bass guitar teachers are well versed in all musical genres, as well as both the upright and electric bass. Bluebond Guitars’ teachers are here to foster and develop every students’ love of music. Bass Guitar Lessons are geared towards all levels, whether you have some experience, or you’ve never picked up a bass before, our teachers identify your goals and help you achieve them!

Personalized Bass Guitar Lessons in Philadelphia

Beginner bass guitar students will first learn the basics of the instrument: all of the components, how to hold the instrument, how to tune it and where to find the notes. Following the basic foundation, we will move on to learn the fundamental techniques of playing including fingering the electric bass, bowing the upright bass, major and minor scales, time signatures, chords and arpeggios. During the course of your beginner lesson program we will master these components before moving on to more advanced courses.

Moving on from beginner lessons, intermediate bass guitar students expand on the fundamentals and move on to picking, slapping and playing chords. Furthermore, we will explore the individual style of music student’s enjoy playing so they can learn how to write and play bass lines and collaborate with others musicians.

Professional Bass Teachers Dedicated to Students’ Growth

Bluebond Guitars’ main objective is to help musicians of all ages and skill levels achieve their individual music goals. Whether you have been out of the music world for a little while and want to get back into your passion, or your child has developed an interest in bass guitar and you want to help them develop, our passionate and dedicated teachers are here to help you grow and progress.

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