Bluebond Guitars’ Professional Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Bluebond Guitars offers personalized guitar lessons in our South Philadelphia music shop. Bring your own guitar, or purchase one from our store, and watch your budding artist grow into a professional musician! Even if you’ve never plucked a string in your life, our 1-on-1 approach shapes children, adults and even seniors into seasoned performers.

Bass Lessons

If you prefer something with a little more versatility and soul, our professional bass guitar teachers work with all levels of aspiring Jazz, Blues, Folk, even Country music artists. Bluebond’s Bass Guitar Lessons are personal, 1-on-1 and customized to your preferred music genre and style. We’ll have you picking, slapping and playing chords in no time!

Drums & Percussion

One of the most popular music lessons offered at Bluebond Guitars, drums are a favorite among our youngest aspiring artists. With a state-of-the-art drum set in house, our personalized drum and percussion lessons are geared for all genres including Jazz, Rock, Classic Rock, Reggae and more! We cater drum lessons to all styles and levels of students.

Vocal Lessons

Give the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber or, dare we say, Beyonce, a run for their money with vocal lessons at Bluebond Guitars. Our teachers are all lead vocalists in their own respective bands so you’ll be training alongside professionals! We work with students on all ranges of the vocal scale, while also expanding students’ range, pitch and tone.

Piano & Keyboard

Become the next Beethoven, or the modern day Chopin with professional piano lessons at Bluebond Guitars at our music studio location in Philadelphia. Looking for a more modern spin on the traditional piano compositions? Keyboards are a growing, vital component in the modern music community.

Student Bands & Concerts

An optional add-on, separate from our lessons programs, Bands or Group Lessons are a great way to introduce young artists to the stage performance atmosphere. Bands are formed based on mutual student interests. All students have the option to join a band with a grand performance held for family and friends!




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