Bluebond Guitars: Student Bands

Joining the Bluebond Band is a natural progression for students who started as beginners and progressed their way into becoming an advanced student. Students who are apart of the band are given first-hand experience as to what it will be like to someday perform in a professional, multi-faceted band. The most unique aspect of our band program is we do not group students together at random. We really try to personalize the experience so each band member can feel comfortable playing their preferred genre and style. We achieve this by grouping together students of similar skill levels, while simultaneously making sure their musical interests coincide. This personalized grouping approach allows the band members to seamlessly come together and execute flawless performances.

Band students must work together to orchestrate songs, practice together and ultimately perform in a real grand stage performance for all of their friends and family. While our band atmosphere gives students the freedom to choreograph songs and the performance, teachers still maintain a level of direction and guidance.

Bluebond Guitars: Student Band Performances

The Bluebond Band Program is an optional 10-week add-on, separate from our individualized lessons. Band members meet for 1 hour weekly sessions over a 10-week period. At the end of the 10 weeks, the band will perform a professional concert at a local Philadelphia venue.¬†Previous venues have included Connie’s Ric Rac and Old Swedes’ Episcopal Church, among many others.

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