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At Bluebond Guitars’ we are passionate about the instruments we play and sell to both aspiring and professional musicians. While we do not boast a flashy showroom with shiny, brand-new guitars lining our walls, what we do offer is the opportunity to purchase a vintage, authentic piece of musical history. Each one of our vintage guitars has a unique story behind it and chances are we know it, and will tell it if you ask. Vintage guitars offer a look, sound and quality that is unmatched by the brand-new guitars on today’s market. All guitars are thoroughly inspected, tested and, if need be, repaired in house before sold. Our expert staff and in-house repairmen boast over 25 years of experience in the industry and we know our gear; you can trust you’re buying a quality vintage guitar when purchasing from Bluebond Guitars. We do, however, hold a small stock of new guitars for young artists who are just starting out in their musical career and do not need anything too flashy right away. Come in to check out our gear for yourself!

If you’re ready to upgrade or even retire your current guitar, ask about our consignment program. We will hang your gear in our store to resell to another artist at a price agreed upon by both parties. Once sold, we offer a 60/40 split: 60 to you and 40 to Bluebond Guitars.

Guitar Shop in Philadelphia PA

Brand New Accessories

If you’re not in the market for a guitar, our music shop offers a wide variety of brand-new accessories for your gear. We sell strings, effect pedals, drum skins, picks, amplifiers, drum accessories, emergency inventory and so much more.

Besides our vintage gear and brand-new accessory shop, Bluebond Guitars offers music lessons and professional instrument repair all at our studio location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All music lessons are taught by industry professionals and are available for all skill levels and all ages. Learn to play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, drums or percussions. We also offer specialized vocal lessons for aspiring singers. Our music lesson programs are completely personalized for the individual student and are some of the most affordable in the area – call for more information. Furthermore, if you’re not quite ready to retire your worn or broken guitar, bring it down to Bluebond Guitars. Our expert, in-house repairmen can fix any break, crack or damage to your guitar. 27 years in business and still going strong, Bluebond Guitars is your one-stop for all of your guitar and music needs in Philadelphia!



Electrical, amps, effects, speakers and more!

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